Risen Friends & Partners

Ministry: Free L.A.

Location: Los Angeles

Free L.A. is a youth ministry birthed out of the discipleship of the CuRsE†BrEaKeRs. The CuRsE†BrEaKeRs ministry is passionate about showing God’s people who and whose they are in Christ, transforming them through deep deliverance and discipleship, and knowing that they are FREE! Once you are “FREE,” you are FREE from all sin, can LOVE like Jesus, and can AFFIRM His gifts in you.


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Rev. Georgina Ortiz-Verzal, International Evangelist-Speaker

Location: Orange County

Georgina Ortiz works to encourage people of all ages and stages in life to grow in faith and spiritual maturity through a relationship with Jesus Christ and an understanding of God’s love and grace. Solely dependent on God, we want to win as many people as possible to Jesus Christ, proclaiming His Good News by all available means to the millions of people around the world who have yet to respond to the Gospel or may be in need to recommit their lives to Christ.


Georgina Ortiz Ministries - Regeneration and Risen Apparel                 Georgina Ortiz wearing our classic Risen Apparel t-shirt

Paradym M.G

Location: Los Angeles

Paradym M.G is a music group, a new and outstanding example, a paradigm shift in the industry bringing a new atmosphere to music through eclectic fusion ranging from Hip Hop, Soul, Jazz, Pop, Rock & RnB. Members include K-Swagg, Mind Swagg, Tre Lyrik, Church, Kaydence with Production by SubKonscioius Thought & H2O Music Entertainment.


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Christian Magazine

Location: Florida

Christian Magazine is a social media organization focused on delivering Christian-based information and content (articles, photos, videos, and products). The online magazine started in August of 2012 and has grown rapidly with over 10,000 followers on Instagram in just over a few months. Our mission is to help those discover and learn more about Christianity, as well as helping those in need. We appreciate all the support and encouragement we receive to help build our organization to positively impact the world we live in one life at a time.


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Adapt To Anything

Location: New York

Adapt To Anything is a foundation dedicated to motivating, inspiring and uplifting individuals. Like all foundation we have to start with a plan and ours is to write and share. Articles, poems, or even stories. All true experiences of what people have gone through and how they have overcome. Our goal is to build a system where people can share their testimonies for others to read. The more people who contribute is the more chance someone out their will read and feel moved. Maybe prevent someone from committing suicide, or prevent someone from bulling, committing a crime or murder. Words are powerful and are able to strengthen and heal. With this new foundation we will help each other adapt to anything.



Robbie Dye

Location: Orange County

Robbie Dye As a young kid, Robbie Dye would sit at home and lead worship for his family; he always had a guitar in hand. Ministering had been his passion from a very young age. He desired to follow in his families foot-steps by traveling the world and reaching souls for Christ. Now, at 19 years of age, Robbie tours the U.S. exstensively leading worship, and most importantly.. sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He has also led worship at Christian Music Festivals in U.S., Canada, Central America, South America, and Haiti. Robbie also had the opportunity to debut an original song on the radio wile touring in South America.


Robbie Dye - Risen Apparel -Christian t-shirt              Robbie Dye wearing our Faith-Hope-Love Risen Apparel t-shirt